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Agenda and Minutes 2017-2021

Wye Farmers' Market on The Green - part of Wye's original medieval market square.

Wye Farmers' Market on The Green - part of Wye's original medieval market square. To protect this open space the Parish Council nominated The Green as an Asset of Community Value (ACV) (Ref. PR86-020) under the Localism Act (2011). The Parish Council also provided it with protection in the Wye Neighbourhood Plan as a Green Space. The Latin School is also designated as an ACV (Ref PR86-019).

Meetings and decision making during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Parish Council continues to meet and make decisions in public. However meetings are virtual. The Clerk publishes minutes of these meetings once councillors have approved them and the chairman has signed the minutes. Pre COVID-19 this would usually happen at the following meeting. Hard copies of the approved minutes from January 2016 onwards are available to view in Wye Library.

For information about virtual meetings and how to take part during the COVID-19 pandemic, please click on the blue bar above.

Virtual meetings via Microsoft Teams Live

Microsoft Teams Live video-conferences: To 'attend' a virtual meeting via audio or video, please follow the Teams Live Connection link associated with each agenda below. As a member of the public you have the option to either watch meetings, either by downloading the free Teams Windows app (that will appear when you click on the link), or via the web on your browser, or listen via your phone.

(The public 'waiting room' will open fifteen minutes before the start of each meeting. This is to enable you to establish and test your connection before the meeting starts).

The Parish Council's virtual meetings all start with the equivalent of a public open session. Please contact the Clerk at least three working days before the meeting if you wish to present a written statement.

How to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams

  • Notice: How to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams (PDF, 95 Kb)

    Guidance on how to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams: You can join Teams Live meetings can either from the Teams app, or Teams on the web. This guidance explains how to join Teams Live meetings by link or from a Teams calendar invitation. In the absence of broadband, you can call a phone number and make an audio connection. As Microsoft frequently updates Teams please see the Microsoft Teams website for current instructions and tutorials.

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Parish Council virtual meetings are held in public. Unless stated otherwise, meetings will start at 18.45, and the 'waiting room' will open at 18.30. Follow the meeting link (within the Agenda header) to either watch the event live in Microsoft Teams via the free app, or watch it on the web.

If you do not have access to the internet, please contact the Clerk for the meeting telephone number.

Learn more about the free Microsoft Teams app.

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