Working for Wye - past, present and future

Assets of Community Value

link to a table of assets of community value held by Ashford Borough Councilby

The Latin School, built 1447, adjacent to The Green. Nominated by the Parish Council as ACVs in 2017, and both subsequently designated by Ashford Borough Council.

Certain buildings and amenities act as social hubs and are integral to the communities that use them and provide a place to meet and a base from which organisations can deliver public services to the local community. Typically these hubs could be a village shop, a pub, a community centre, a library, or an open space. The loss, whether through closure or sale of such buildings and amenities can create lasting damage in communities and threaten the provision of services.

Designation as Asset of Community Value and the Community Right to Bid can enable a community to keep these vital buildings in public use and ensure they remain as social hubs for the community in the future.

Click the link here to see a list of community owned buildings and open spaces, and registered assets of community value (ACV) in and around Wye

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