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Burial ground

The new burial ground, adjacent to Wye churchyard

The Parish Council is the burial authority for Wye. As such, since 1981 it has owned and managed the new burial ground, adjacent to the churchyard, and works in partnership with the Parochial Church Council. The wall of the burial ground wall marks the boundary of both the historic parish churchyard and the Wye Conservation Area. The burial ground is managed to give the informal appearance of a peaceful country churchyard and wildlife haven, and to provide places to sit for quiet reflection.

Unlike the churchyard the Parish Council's burial ground is not consecrated land, nor is it denominational. In practice, individual plots are consecrated as required, as part of the burial service.

Quiet reflection: an elderly couple sitting on a bench in Hole Park garden

The Parish Council is planning a memorial garden as a place for quiet reflection.

Living memorials

A native oak tree planted in 2016 and now well established

Quercus robur, a native English oak

Please take time to reflect and consider local history and the natural world. The churchyard has much to say about the long history of Wye and it also offers a refuge for native wildlife.

The common law position regarding rights of burial is complex, but in summary every parishioner and inhabitant has the right of burial in the churchyard or burial ground of the parish in which the parishioner resides, subject to space being available. If a memorial tree is an appropriate form of commemoration, the Parish Council will be pleased to hear from you. There are opportunities for tree planting on public land around Wye.

The choice of tree species and its planting location needs careful planning. Trees must have enough room to grow and mature, but they must not compromise highway safety by obstructing sight lines, or risk root damage to underground services.

Other forms of memorial

Barn owl nesting box

Barn owl nesting box

To discuss alternative forms of memorial e.g.

      • public benches
      • owl nesting boxes
      • bat boxes
      • swift nesting bricks

please contact the Parish Council's Burial Clerk here.

Please note that Wye Parochial Church Council (PCC) is responsible for the burial of cremated ashes in the main churchyard and the lower churchyard, not the Parish Council. To discuss the burial of ashes please contact Wye PCC direct at the Wye Benefice Office.

A bench given in memory of Ian Sloan, a lifelong supporter and volunteer groundsman for Wye Football Club

A handmade memorial bench. This fine example was given in memory of Ian Sloan, looks across Churchfield Green. Ian was a lifelong supporter of grassroots football, and a dedicated player, coach and voluntary groundsman.

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