Working for Wye - past, present and future

Community Warden

Richard Sinden is the Wye Community Warden.

Community Wardens are employed by Kent County Council and Richard also patrols Chilham and Godmersham. His hours vary from week to week, but Richard is out and about between 07.30 and 22.00 every day.

Wye is very fortunate to have one of the most experienced wardens in Kent. He grew up locally and brings a wealth of local knowledge to the job.

Richard Sinden works closely with the Parish Council, and as the Community Warden he:

  • tackles low-level crime and antisocial behaviour (such as graffiti, littering, fly tipping and vandalism)
  • resolves minor disputes and prevents them from escalating
  • controls traffic and deals with parking obstructions
  • intervenes with powers to take the name and address of any individual seen acting suspiciously
  • solves problems and works closely with Kent Police and other authorities, including Ashford Borough Council Housing Department, Social Services and Kent Fire and Rescue and Wye Surgery
  • is a familiar figure around Wye, who is an accessible point of contact who knows and talks to local people, and can offer them information and advice
  • takes part in community activities e.g. the Community Lunch, Sensory Garden project and Wye Warm Space
  • liaises closely with the Parish Council, and provides a monthly incident report
  • provides a reassuring uniformed presence about the village
  • is a trained First Aider and fully trained to the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme
  • encourages the community to work together

Crime in Wye is low, and most of the reported incidents are minor anti-social acts. Kent Police maps and publishes monthly crime statistics for each ward, including Wye.

Contact the Community Warden

Contact Richard Sinden by Mobile: 07969 583 920 or

Email: or via the Kent Community Wardens Website:

Report crime direct to Kent Police

There are many ways to

contact Kent Police.

In summary:

Emergency situations

By phone - in an emergency call 999 if:

  • a serious offence is in progress, or has just been committed
  • someone is in immediate danger or harm
  • property is in danger of being damaged
  • a serious disruption to the public is likely

Silent 999 calls. If you are in danger but you cannot talk on the phone, you should still call 999, then follow these instructions depending on whether you're calling from a mobile or a landline.

Non-emergency situations

Kent Police Live Chat 27/4

Or, call 101 for non-emergency enquiries.

If you have a hearing or speech impairment, use the Kent Police textphone service on 18000 or text 999 if you've pre-registered with the emergencySMS service

Online report a crime 24/7

Online general enquiries 24/7

If you wish to report a crime or suspicious behaviour anonymously, contact the independent charity Crimestoppers online or by phone 0800 555 111

Report crime anonymously

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Call Crimestoppers 24/7, 365 days a year, or use the anonymous online form.

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