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Dear Wye resident

These are extraordinary times. The government has banned all public meetings and the Parish Council office is closed. Consequently staff and councillors are all working remotely to minimise risk. All contact is now via email and phone. Nevertheless we are still working hard to support you, and provide our range of services in Wye safely and as best we can under the current constraints.

To help us keep you informed please register to receive our free parish e-newsletters, if you have not done so already. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter, just click on the links at the foot of every web page. Please follow the site rules when commenting.

Best wishes,

Debbie Baines

Parish Clerk

Wye's K6 Phone Box in Upper Bridge Street, now a visitor information point

Minimise the risk of infection: please contact us by email

This will also save time and money as the Parish Council office is closed until further notice, and the Parish Clerk and Deputy Clerk are working from home via email.

Alternatively, write to the Parish Council's office address below.

Please note that as the office is closed, the post will not be collected every day and this may delay our response to your enquiry. Please follow the site rules when using social media.

  • (To minimise the contagion risk, please do NOT leave notes for the Parish Clerk in the Council's free post box in Wye News for the foreseeable future).

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