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Working for Wye - past, present and future

Elected representatives

Kent is a shire (non-metropolitan) county, so residents have three tiers of representation at the parish, borough and county level, (in addition to Westminster and the European Parliament). Responsibilities for different services are divided between the three tiers.

  • Wye parishioners can elect up to eleven parish councillors to represent them.
  • The parish is not sub-divided into wards, so each councillor represents the whole parish.
  • Each year Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council elects a chair and vice-chair.
  • For the 2019-2020 year the chair is Cllr David Reece.
  • The vice-chair is Cllr Noel Ovenden (who is also the Wye Ward member).
  • Wye parish councillors are independent, and have no political party affiliations.
  • The Wye parish boundary also defines Wye Ward.
  • Wye elects one borough councillor, Cllr Noel Ovenden. (re-elected 2019)
  • Wye is within the Ashford Rural East division, one of 81 in Kent County Council (reduced at the 2017 election from 84 divisions, following a Boundary Commission review).
  • Wye is within the Ashford Rural East Division and elects one county councillor Cllr Clair Bell (elected 2017).
  • Wye is on the north east boundary of the Ashford parliamentary constituency, which is represented by Damian Green MP at Westminster (re-elected 2017).

Wye Ward was last contested 2nd May 2019, (There were elections for all other seats on Ashford Borough Council, and all seats on all parish councils across the country on the same date). All seats on Kent County Council were elected 4th May 2017.

The Parish Clerk and Parish Manager is the Parish Council's senior employee, and therefore this is not an elected post. Ms Debbie Baines holds this key position, (though in local government law, she is the designated Proper Officer, Responsible Finance Officer and Data Controller).

Standing for election

If you are considering standing as a candidate at the next parish council election in May 2023, you can download independent Electoral Commission guidance and resources here.

If a casual vacancy arises before 2023 the process is more straightforward. Please contact the Parish Clerk here for more information and to register your interest.