Working for Wye - past, present and future

About the Parish Council - who we are

Elected representatives

Kent is a shire (non-metropolitan) county, so residents have three tiers of representation at the parish, borough and county level. Responsibility for providing different services is divided between these three tiers.

  • Wye parishioners can elect up to eleven parish councillors to represent them. (Click on the blue bar above for more information)

Standing for election

If you are considering standing as a candidate at the next parish council election in May 2023, you can download independent Electoral Commission guidance and resources here and watch short cameo videos. These videos show how varied and flexible the role is, and how individuals from all walks of life are making a change in their local community. If a casual vacancy arises before 2023 the process is more straightforward. Please contact the Parish Clerk here for more information and to register your interest.

Parish staff

The staff and contract team work together to deliver a growing range of services for Wye residents. During the COVID-19 pandemic the Clerks are working from home. You can contact the Parish Clerk and other staff by email here, or by phone 01233 812459 (answerphone), or in writing to:

Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council, Unit 2B, Briar Close, Bramble Lane Wye TN25 5HB

The Parish Council is an accredited Living Wage Employer.

Parish Clerk

By law every parish council must appoint a proper officer to act on behalf of the council, and to discharge all the council's statutory duties and responsibilities. In Wye, and indeed most other parish councils, the Parish Clerk is both the Proper Officer and Responsible Finance Officer (RFO). In Wye the Clerk is supported by an Administrative Assistant. Both posts are part-time.

Administrative Assistant

Image: The Wye Parish Council burial ground

The Parish Council is the statutory burial authority for the parish of Wye with Hinxhill.

The Administrative Assistant is the authorised officer who keeps the statutory Burial Records, grants burial rights, and memorial permissions. The Administrative Assistant is the first point of contact for parish residents, the Parochial Church Council (PCC), undertakers, gravediggers and stonemasons.

Although the Parish Council's burial ground is adjacent to the churchyard, it is non-denominational.

Practical People

The Parish Council's Green Machine sweeping the pavement near Wye Church


Mr Jeff Austen
Mrs Nicola Austen

Village Caretaker

Mr Cecil Gasson

Village Cleaner

Mrs Rose Williams

Allotment Warden

Mrs Jane Burnham

01233 812 042

Lighting Warden (voluntary post)


Tree Warden (voluntary post)


Community Warden

Richard Sinden is the Wye Community Warden. He is employed by Kent County Council, but works closely with the Parish Council, Our Place Wye and other local organisations. He also has a direct line to Kent Police. Richard varies his hours from week to week, but he is out and about in the village between 07.30 and 22.00 every day.

Parish Volunteers

The Parish Council supports a number of voluntary warden roles with training, equipment and public liability and personal accident insurance cover for the volunteers (e.g. Allotment Warden, Footpath Warden; Lighting Warden; Play Area Warden; Public Open Spaces Warden; River Warden and Tree Warden). The Parish Council also supports the team of Wye Flood Wardens, within the Kent Resilience Forum training and accreditation scheme.

Thanks to the time and skills given by these parish volunteers for their community the Parish Council is able to cover some of the gaps in the services formerly provided by other tiers of local government and statutory agencies.

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