Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council

Working for Wye - past, present and future

Clerk: Debbie Baines
Parish Council Office, Unit 2B
Briar Close, Bramble Lane
Wye, Ashford, Kent TN25 5HB

Tel: 01233 812459

Digital by default

Government services online - the rationale

"By going digital by default, the government could save between £1.7 and £1.8 billion each year."

Government Digital Strategy 2013

"...Until now government has been slow to realise the benefits of the digital age. In the future our services will be fit for the 21st Century – agile, flexible and digital by default."

The Coalition Government has an overarching policy aim that the websites of all government departments, and many other agencies and public bodies, will be merged into one website - GOV.UK.

About GOV.UK

Currently, on this one comprehensive website you can see all policies, announcements, publications, statistics and consultations from 24 ministerial departments and 331 other agencies and public bodies.

Government Digital Strategy

Online fault reporting

Please click the link to read the Government Digital Strategy: December 2013

Quotes from the Government Digital Strategy 2013:

"...until now government services have stood out by their failure to keep up with the digital age. While many sectors now deliver their services online as a matter of course, our use of digital public services lags far behind that of the private sector. For example while 74% of people use the internet for car insurance, only 51% renew car tax online."

"Government has got to do better. This Digital Efficiency Report suggests that transactions online can already be 20 times cheaper than by phone, 30 times cheaper than postal and as much as 50 times cheaper than face-to-face".

"By going digital by default, the government could save between £1.7 and £1.8 billion each year."

For convenience, the Our Place Wye website has a direct link to GOV.UK on its home page.