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Live planning appeals 2022

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When a planning authority refuses a planning application or has not determined it within a timescale fixed by the Government, the applicant has a right to appeal to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) to overturn a refusal, or make the decision.

PINS decides most appeals on the basis of an exchange of written statements (written representations process) by the appeal parties by a fixed deadline. Members of the public may also put their views in writing before the independent Inspector, who will consider them and make a site visit at some point.

PINS may consider more complex applications by hearing or exceptionally, a formal inquiry. The public may attend both processes and hear the evidence. PINS may manage these appeals as virtual or in-person processes, or as a hybrid combination. The local planning authority will forward any public or consultee comments made regarding the original planning application to the Planning Inspectorate, and send copies to both the appellant and the Inspector, who will take them into account when deciding an appeal.

Honest Miller, The Street, Brook, Ashford, TN25 5PG and Land between Tryfan and Willowcroft, Troy Town Lane, Brook

Proposed refurbishment of Public House, including extensions and fenestration alterations, provision of parking area and seating area with pergola. Conversion of Coach House into a Holiday Let and the erection of 4no. dwellings with associated parking, garaging, access, landscaping and biodiversity enhancements


Last updated: Tue, 21 Jun 2022 19:11