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Hinxhill Road remains closed, and Bockham Lane looks 'like a battlefield’

KCC Highways' notice that Hinxhill Road will remain closed for another week, until 21st February

KCC Highways has extended the closure of Hinxhill Road to 21st February. This is to enable contractors to finish building a new T junction to access the Hinxhill Park housing development. Construction works near to the back entrance to the William Harvey Hospital were due to complete by 14th February, but the contractors are running late, and Hinxhill Road must remain closed. KCC Highways did warn that if the job over-ran for reasons such as adverse weather conditions or engineering difficulties then the road closure order may have to be extended. Hinxhill Road closed 6th January - the first day of the new school term, and it is not due to reopen until the start of the next term. KCC's advertised diversion of some nine miles via the A2070, A28 and Wye level crossing is a slow and unrealistic detour, so traffic is finding other routes and this is putting minor rural lanes under more pressure. As a result a resident now describes the verges of Bockham Lane as 'looking like a battlefield'.

KCC Highways has also issued another road closure notice for the Wye level crossing, for track maintenance work by Network Rail contractors. Consequently, the closure order will prohibit all through traffic between 23.00 Saturday 22nd February and approximately 04.00 Monday 24th February.

Posted: Sun, 09 Feb 2020 23:30 by Parish Admin

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