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Managing risk: learning to live with COVID-19 and other dangers

Warning sign: 'Slow down children playing'

How lovely to hear the Wye church bells this morning for the first time since lockdown began. It is a reminder that we are cautiously embracing a new world in which we learn to live with COVID-19 while going about our business and leisure pursuits as normally as possible. On that theme, parents are understandably asking when the 'jungle' natural play area and the children's playground on the recreation field will be open. The Headteacher at Wye Primary School, where children are arriving and leaving at staggered intervals, has together with the Community Warden urgently requested the Parish Council to keep the playground closed until Saturday 18th July. This is for health, safety and traffic reasons in the village hall car park. The Parish Council is using this time to carry out a deep clean of the playground and safety surfaces, make some essential repairs, mark out social distancing guidance and put up advice notices and gel dispensers. The Council intends to open the 'jungle' earlier on Tuesday 14th of July.

To explain further the traffic safety issue, almost daily recently, a small number of drivers have taken to speeding dangerously past the primary school exit to the playground and around the car park. Children maintaining Covid-19 distancing are entering and leaving the school singly, so this process now takes much longer. The headteacher has put himself at risk on several occasions by stepping in front of these speeding cars to make them slow down. Verbal confrontations add to the stress. To counter this new danger the Parish Council is installing a speed bump on the entrance slope. Other measures are being considered for when the whole school reopens in September. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Posted: Sun, 12 Jul 2020 14:22 by Parish Admin

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