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The Big Butterfly Count 2020 is over, but there is still time to log your sightings

Big Butterfly Count 2020: a map showing where sightings have been logged in and around Wye

Although the Big Butterfly Count 2020 has finished for an other year, if you have not done so already there is still time to record your sightings. Butterfly Conservation's website will accept your count until the end of August. The website provides a simple three step guide to help you to take part, and a free identification chart to download. Please submit separate records of what you saw on different dates at the same place, and for different places that you visited. Even if you did not see any butterflies or moths, your count is useful to conservation science and research as it can plot the areas where butterflies are not being seen, and this may indicate a wider environmental problem. Butterflies and moths are among the most threatened groups of wildlife in the UK and they need help. If counting butterflies is not your thing, then try gardening for butterflies. Grow a mix of the right nectar and food plants plants in your garden and make a huge difference.

Posted: Sat, 15 Aug 2020 13:32 by Parish Admin

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