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Good news, reported crime is down in Wye

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Kent Police recorded five crimes during November in Wye, and only two of these were antisocial behaviour (ASB). This is an improvement, however Sgt Bloomfield's Wye newsletter (link below) also alerts readers to the crime trends across the Ashford district. Recent reported crimes include scams, thefts of catalytic converters, sometimes during the daytime, and lots of car number plates are being stolen. Sgt Bloomfield asks everyone to be vigilant and to report any suspicious activity around and under cars. If a crime is in progress then please call 999, or for non-urgent issues 101. But the Police stress that they do not monitor community Facebook or Twitter feeds. PCSO Izzy Smith is now patrolling the Wye area, supported by a new ASB Constable and the PCSO Task Team. If you see her about please say hello.

Christmas lights are going up around Wye and looking cheery, but the Police advise people to be careful about what is on display inside homes, and what packaging is left out for recycling. KCC's household waste recycling centres are open seven days a week, and are open for longer hours, but to maintain social distancing, KCC requires that all slots must be booked in advance.

Posted: Tue, 01 Dec 2020 09:30 by Admin

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