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Coldharbour Lane closed by a burst water main

A gang repairing a burst water main on Coldharbour Lane , Wye

Water flowing down the surface of Coldharbour Lane for over half a mile into Wye alerted residents to the fault. South East Water responded quickly to an online fault report and KCC Highways closed the road at Coldharbour crossroads. The direct route between Wye and Hastingleigh may have to remain closed until Monday 25th January, to enable contractors to repair a water main. The main has burst in two separate places near the kennels. Had over half a mile of leaking water frozen overnight it would have been hazardous. There is a diversion via Amage Road, Brabourne Road and New Barn Road Hastingleigh. Planned work nearby at Spelders Hill, Brook has necessitated another road closure until 27th January, for works near to Brook School. This will allow the installation of four new gullies, and associated road repair works. For updates see the link below.

Due to heavy rain Kent County Council is handling more flooding and drainage reports than normal. Therefore KCC is 'prioritising issues that pose the biggest risk to road users or a chance of internal property flooding, so all other enquiries may take longer than usual to resolve. We thank you for your patience during this busy time.'

Posted: Thu, 21 Jan 2021 22:29 by Admin

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