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Wye College Public Inquiry starts today

Wye College main High Street entrance viewed from Golden Square

The seven day public inquiry will start at 09.30 Thursday 28th January. This will be a crucial week in the long history of Wye. Founded in 1447 Wye College is a 2 acre complex of Grade 1, Grade II* and Grade II buildings. The Grade 1 part is also a Scheduled Monument. There is very strong local resistance to a planning application to convert the listed buildings into an exclusive gated complex. A senior Planning Inspector will hear the evidence over seven days and the developer's QC and the Parish Council's barrister will cross examine expert witnesses. This inquiry will be virtual, and live streamed on YouTube for public viewing.

The Planning Inspectorate will make each day's proceedings available to download on YouTube, after the inquiry closes Friday 5th February.

The case: To summarise, the inquiry consists of three related appeals by the landowner, Telereal Trillium (TT, the Appellant) against Ashford Borough Council (ABC). TT claims that ABC failed to reach decisions on three major applications within the time set by Government (grounds of non-determination). The appeal sites are the Wye College listed buildings (Appeal A, 40 dwellings), Occupation Road (Appeal B, 40 houses), and ADAS, Olantigh Road (Appeal C, 20 houses, outside the village envelope). Squires (4 houses, also in Olantigh Road) is adjacent and linked to Appeal A.

The central issues - (Appeal A) the conversion harm to the heritage buildings, and loss of community use and access to them. As ABC withdrew its heritage case last week, only the two Rule 6 parties Parish Council, Wye College Regeneration Group and local residents are left fighting to preserve the heritage of this historic village.

The Parish Council's position remains resolute. The Latin School is a 574-year-old Grade I building and nationally important Scheduled Monument. As such, it warrants a sustainable response that reflects its status. Securing continuity with the original public benefit of Kempe's 1447 endowment in the form of community use is central to the "positive re-use of the Grade 1 and Grade 2 Listed" buildings. This use is in the context of the whole WYE3 site, in accordance with the site policy in the Wye Neighbourhood Plan WNP11 e).

For more details of the what is at stake, and a map of WYE3 please click on the following link to download the print version of November newsletter 71.

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