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Kent Police Digital Surgery for Wye

Kent Police notice of a Digital Surgery Tuesday 20th April 2021

Kent Police will be holding a digital surgery for residents of Wye with Hinxhill, Saxon Shore and Bircholt wards, Tuesday 20th April 2021 from 13.00 to 14.00. Residents can put questions direct to Police Sergeant Jazz Bloomfield and PCSO Sam Sadler. The most recent crime figures for Wye during February 2021 are listed below. (Please email Kent Police to register your interest in advance at Kent Police will send the joining link the day before the digital surgery, the Microsoft Teams app is end to end encrypted and free to download and use).

Crime type (instances) anti-social behaviour (x7) violence and sexual offences (x4), burglary (x2), and all other crime (x5) total 18. For comparison, a there were thirteen crimes reported in Wye during January 2021. The monthly totals of reported crimes in 2020 were December (10); November (8); October (14); September (16); August (35); July (5); June (21); May (17); April (10) and March (16). Kent Police are still searching for those responsible for single incident that explains the surge in crime during August 2020.

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