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River Stour wildlife site clean-ups - please help!

Litter floating in the stream near the Stour Centre, Ashford

Ashford discards a great deal of litter, some of which goes into the River Stour. This litter then pollutes over 1,000 acres of designated local wildlife site (LWS) along the river and its banks. The LWS stretches between Ashford and Fordwich, where the river flows into the Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve. The Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership (KSCP) is planning three more river clean-ups to target litter at its main source, but needs more volunteers! Can you join in and help? If so, please email the Our Stour Officer at KSCP, and confirm which event you want to join. KSCP always welcomes new volunteers – no experience is necessary, as training and guidance will be given on the day.

Wednesday 4th August 2021- Great Stour near Stour Centre 9:30am-11:30am

Wednesday 4th August 2021- East Stour near Stour Centre 12:30pm-2:30pm

Monday 23rd August 2021- Canterbury Causeway to Barton Mill 9:30am-1pm.

In April, KSCP volunteers removed 87 bags of rubbish from a two-mile stretch of river upstream of Wye, and cleaned the local wildlife site as far as Conningbrook. As well as the 87 bags, the volunteers also removed traffic cones, fire extinguishers and rolls of plastic wrapping. However, the most common waste items they retrieved were drinks containers. The clean-up stopped over 4,000 of them from reaching Wye and polluting the chalk stream. Wye Parish Council is very grateful for this achievement, but the need for litter control is never ending. The Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership manages landscapes, wildlife habitats, access and urban greenspace and promotes the Stour Valley to visitors.

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