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Kent Police Cadets help beat bike thieves in Wye

Kent Police Cadets bike marking event in Wye

Kent Police Cadets held a bike marking event on Churchfield Green Wye. Between downpours, the team attached a unique number and QR code linked to BikeRegister's online database to a series of bikes. Kent Police has 10 tips to keep your bike safe. The number one tip is to register your bike. This is very simple way to deter theft, and to identify you as the legitimate owner if your bike is stolen. Every Police Force across the UK uses the BikeRegister database to search for stolen and recovered bikes. The national Crime Survey estimated there were 296,000 bicycle theft incidents in England and Wales in 2019. Anyone looking at a registered second hand bike can use the free check service to see instantly if it is stolen. Kent Police also advise that it is important to record your bike's serial number and description, keep it in a locked shed, with good D locks to secure all removeable parts such as the wheels.

Posted: Sun, 01 Aug 2021 20:30 by Admin

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