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Fuel shortage - Wye adapts to keep on top of street litter

An overflowing litter bin in Church Street Wye

The fuel shortage is reaching into areas that most people never need to consider. The good news is that the Biffa household recycling and kitchen waste collection went ahead today as normal in Wye. However, the Biffa cage truck that would normally have emptied all the litter bins early this morning, stayed in the yard for lack of fuel. Fortunately, the Parish Council's street cleaner Cecil was on hand to empty the bins instead. This prevented them from overflowing, and in the strong winds the litter would have blown everywhere.

The Parish Council used to provide 30 litter bins around the village, and nearly 3,000 litres of capacity. This was enough to cope with most pressures. In recent years Biffa has increased the number of litter bin collections per week, but reduced the number of bins. This just-in-time approach was working very well, until now. Residents can help the litter situation by taking their recyclables home please, and putting tins and bottles in their household recycling bins instead.

Posted: Thu, 30 Sep 2021 14:05 by Admin

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