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Wye resident targeted by scam

KCC Trading Standards scam alert notice of cold callers operating in Wye, issued Friday 7th OCtober 2022.

KCC Trading Standards have issued a new scam alert for Wye this evening, after cold callers targeted a resident of Little Chequers. Claiming to be from a roofing company the fraudsters offered to pressure wash the drive, and quoted £600 for a card payment, or £400 for cash. Later they said the price didn't include tax and demanded £628 in cash. Trading Standards urges residents to just say no to cold callers and to phone 999 if they become aggressive or refuse to leave. Otherwise close the door and report an attempted doorstep scam to Kent Police online, or call 101.

Doorstep crime is financial abuse and a serious crime which can ruin lives. Although anyone can be a scam victim, doorstep criminals will often target socially isolated people. To protect residents, especially the vulnerable, from criminal and rogue traders KCC provides Trading Standards Checked, a fair trader directory for trades in the home maintenance sector.

Posted: Fri, 07 Oct 2022 20:03 by Admin

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