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M20 overnight closures J7 to J9 plans announced

Hundreds of stationary HGVs queueing on the M20 (archive image of Operation Stack)

Highways England plans to deploy the moveable barrier contraflow on the M20 between J8 (Maidstone) and J9 (Ashford) starting Sunday 27th December. The M20 will be closed for up to 12 hours in both directions on the nights of Sunday 27th and Monday 28th December, starting at 22.00 each night. The coastbound carriageway will be closed between J7 to J9, and London bound between J9 to J8. Highways England... Read More »

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M20 motorway delays and disruption

Operation Brock M20 J7 to J9 closure and diversion map December 2020 to test the M20 moveable barrier

Highways England is testing the £55.1m moveable concrete barrier overnight until 08.00 Tuesday 15th December. In preparation for Operation Brock and Operation Stack, Highways England is closing up to seventeen miles of the M20 in both directions overnight from 20.00 until 08:00. These overnight closures and contraflows affect sections of both carriageways of the M20 at different times between... Read More »

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Hinxhill Road closed from Monday 9th November for ten days

Road closure and diversion warning signs

KCC Highways has issued another temporary road closure order for Hinxhill Road for works near the ambulance entrance at the rear of the William Harvey Hospital. This order runs from Monday 9th November until the estimated completion date Friday 20th November. This closure is necessary for excavations to lay new power supplies to the Bellway Hinxhill Park development. The road will remain closed outside... Read More »

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Naccolt Road will close again from Monday 2nd March 2020 for about nine weeks.

Road closure and diversion signs. Naccolt Road will be closed from Monday 2nd March 2020

Kent County Council Highways has made another Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on part of Naccolt Road. This latest road closure is necessary for safety reasons to enable South East Water's contractors to install a new water main in the vicinity of Pottery Cottages, and Herons Brook. These works will not deal with the separate problems of surface water flooding and drainage from the former... Read More »

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A contentious planning application for up to 725 dwellings in Kennington moves into a new phase.

A contentious planning application for up to 725 dwellings in Kennington moves into a new phase.

Applicants Quinn Estates and Redrow Homes submitted 51 new documents yesterday. These show three new house types 'Oxford Lifestyle, Henley, and Balmoral' and other significant changes to the developers' original 'Big Burton' plans including: detailed application drawings for 288 dwellings (320 previously) and outline for 437 more (430 previously); a massive drop in size for the 'local centre' from... Read More »

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Blackwall Lane, Hinxhill will be closed from Wednesday 29th November

Blackwall Lane, Hinxhill will be closed from Wednesday 29th November

Kent County Council has issued an Urgent Temporary Prohibition of Driving Order affecting Blackwall Road, Hinxhill. KCC Highways will close Blackwall Road in the vicinity of Great Bromley Farm, Wye on Wednesday 29th November. This Prohibition Order is valid for up to five days until 5th December, but works should only take three days to complete. This road closure is necessary to enable KCC Highways... Read More »

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A2070 Kennington Road reopened after 11 weeks of roadworks

A2070 Kennington Road reopened after 11 weeks of roadworks

Kent County Council reopened the A2070 Kennington Road, near Blackwall Road North today as planned, after 11 weeks of closure for roadworks. Just in time for the start of the new school year.

KCC Highways closed the road in June to carry out carriageway widening, resurfacing and other improvement works. These include the removal of the dangerous pinch point near Longport Bridge and the construction... Read More »

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