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Naccolt Road will close again from Monday 2nd March 2020 for about nine weeks.

Road closure and diversion signs. Naccolt Road will be closed from Monday 2nd March 2020

Kent County Council Highways has made another Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on part of Naccolt Road. This latest road closure is necessary for safety reasons to enable South East Water's contractors to install a new water main in the vicinity of Pottery Cottages, and Herons Brook. These works will not deal with the separate problems of surface water flooding and drainage from the former... Read More »

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Appeal dismissed on the Former Goods Yard, Wye

Appeal dismissed on the Former Goods Yard, Wye

A Planning Inspector has dismissed an appeal on the Former Goods Yard site. He found that the scheme was in conflict with Local Plan and Wye Neighbourhood Plan (WNDP) policies. The property developer proposed to build fourteen three storey town houses off Bramble Lane, Wye adjacent to the railway line. However the Inspector judged that the scheme would 'have a harmful effect on the immediate setting... Read More »

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Wye Goods Yard appeal start date announced

Wye Goods Yard appeal start date announced

The planning application 17/1646/AS for 14 three storey dwellings on the former Wye Goods Yard site will be decided by an Inspector, not by Ashford Borough Council. The developer appealed on grounds on non-determination. The appeal process started 6th November and all those who have written to date will be notified by letter. Residents and other interested persons now have until 11th December to provide... Read More »

Posted: Fri, 09 Nov 2018 23:00 by Admin

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