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Oxenturn Road to close Monday 19th July

Road Closed warning sign

KCC Highways will close Oxenturn Road, Monday 19th of July 2021 Wye, between the Chequers Park entrance and Pottery Cottages, Naccolt. For operator safety reasons it will be necessary to close the road completely to traffic, for some time between 07.00 and 19.00. This is to enable contractors to apply a surface dressing treatment over approximately 2,000m of road between Wye and the former Naccolt... Read More »

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Planned road closures today and tomorrow

Map of the planned road closure of Oxenturn Road Wye, starting 21st June 2021 for three days

KCC Highways has issued a notice to close a section of the A28 today. This is to enable Network Rail to remove a hazardous trackside tree. The closed section is between Branch Road and The Beeches Chilham where the track runs in a cutting adjacent to the A28. The diversion route is via Challock on the A251 and A252. Network Rail estimated that its contractors would need six hours for the tree works... Read More »

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Southeastern warns: do not travel by train

A red triangular level crossing warning sign

Southeastern is warning all passengers that 'due to forecasted heavy snow, there is a high risk of disruption to all trains on the Southeastern network. Southeastern strongly advise that you do not attempt to travel' on either Sunday 7th or Monday 8th February.

Network Rail has a permit to close Wye level crossing overnight between 23.00 Monday 8th and 05.30 Tuesday 9th February 2021. However, there... Read More »

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Naccolt Road will close again from Monday 2nd March 2020 for about nine weeks.

Road closure and diversion signs. Naccolt Road will be closed from Monday 2nd March 2020

Kent County Council Highways has made another Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on part of Naccolt Road. This latest road closure is necessary for safety reasons to enable South East Water's contractors to install a new water main in the vicinity of Pottery Cottages, and Herons Brook. These works will not deal with the separate problems of surface water flooding and drainage from the former... Read More »

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Burst water main - Naccolt Road is closed

Burst water main - Naccolt Road is closed

Southeast Water has closed Naccolt Road near the former brickworks for emergency repair work on a burst 3" water main. Diversion signs are in place. The road closure notice runs from Wednesday 4th December to the Friday 6th December. This repair is in addition to the closure of Blackwall Lane for surface repairs, and planned gully cleansing maintenance work. KCC has scheduled for the same three days... Read More »

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Wye Level Crossing - expect extra delays on Monday and Tuesday

Wye Level Crossing - expect extra delays on Monday and Tuesday

Network Rail plans to restrict traffic flow over Wye level crossing on Monday 9th September and Tuesday 10th September. This is to enable "crossing white line and yellow box painting" and the traffic lights are bound to add to the normal delays. On these two days Wye level crossing will also have to cope with additional traffic diverted from Oxenturn Road. KCC Highways announced late on Friday afternoon... Read More »

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Oxenturn Road to close for urgent repairs 15th February

Oxenturn Road to close for urgent repairs 15th February

Kent County Council has issued a Temporary Prohibition of Driving Order for Oxenturn Road, Wye for 'urgent carriageway repairs'. KCC will close the road to through traffic, from Wednesday 15th February for up to three days, between Griffins Corner and the junction of Chequers Park, (opposite Wye Surgery), from 07.30 until 16.30 hours each day.

Kent County Council will sign the alternative route via... Read More »

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