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Think! slow down and spare a child

Police car outside Wye Primary School gates

Police Community Support Officers (PCSO) were waiting this morning for parents to arrive at Wye Primary School and Wye Under Fives Pre-School. Officers from the Ashford Community Safety Unit were there to deal with inconsiderate parking and to ensure the safety of children as they walked to school. The PCSOs had to remind some parents, for the safety of the children, not to park on the zigzag lines... Read More »

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Kent Police Digital Surgery for Wye

Kent Police notice of a Digital Surgery Tuesday 20th April 2021

Kent Police will be holding a digital surgery for residents of Wye with Hinxhill, Saxon Shore and Bircholt wards, Tuesday 20th April 2021 from 13.00 to 14.00. Residents can put questions direct to Police Sergeant Jazz Bloomfield and PCSO Sam Sadler. The most recent crime figures for Wye during February 2021 are listed below. (Please email Kent Police to register your interest in advance at Read More »

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Good news, reported crime is down in Wye

Kent Police logo

Kent Police recorded five crimes during November in Wye, and only two of these were antisocial behaviour (ASB). This is an improvement, however Sgt Bloomfield's Wye newsletter (link below) also alerts readers to the crime trends across the Ashford district. Recent reported crimes include scams, thefts of catalytic converters, sometimes during the daytime, and lots of car number plates are being stolen.... Read More »

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Local engagement meeting with Kent Police

Local engagement meeting with Kent Police

PCSO Aaron Newell will be holding a drop-in meeting at in Wye 26th November. This is to enable residents to raise concerns about crime and anti-social behavior, face-to-face. The meeting in the Methodist Hall, Bridge Street, will start at 18.00 and include Neighbourhood Watch. This the first such engagement event in Wye in recent years, and the intention is to hold two drop-ins a year, and similar... Read More »

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