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Hinxhill Road to close for 60 days from Monday 16th May

Road closure and diversion warning signs

KCC Highways has issued another temporary road closure order for Hinxhill Road for works near the ambulance entrance at the rear of the William Harvey Hospital. KCC's Traffic Regulation Order (see below) runs for 60 days from Monday 16th May until the estimated completion date Friday 8th July. This closure of a short section of Hinxhill Road will enable Tamdown Group Ltd to proceed with works on Bellway's... Read More »

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Coldharbour Lane, to close for three days

Road Closed sign

South East Water will close Coldharbour Lane on Tuesday 3rd May from 07.30, in the vicinity of Coldharbour Farm, Wye. Contractors estimate that they will complete the works by Friday 6th May. The road will be closed to through traffic road for water main repairs and maintenance work. KCC Highways' permit advises the following diversion route via Coldharbour Lane, Scotton Street, Upper Bridge Street,... Read More »

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Amage Road, Wye closed for up to five days

Amage Road closure notice 2021-1005

Kent County Council has closed Amage Road, Wye to through traffic for up to 4 days. The road has been closed at the new property Chitral, on the former Amage piggery site. This is necessary to enable UK Power contractors to carry out cabling works. The alternative route is via The Street, Spelders Hill, Naccolt Road, Oxenturn Road, Upper Bridge Street, Scotton Street and Coldharbour Lane. KCC states... Read More »

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Bockham Lane road closure planned

Bockham Lane road sign, near Hythe Road

Bockham Lane will close Tuesday 24th August for one day only to allow BT Openreach to undertake planned works between 09.30 and 15.30. KCC Highways also has roadworks scheduled nearby in Plumpton Lane between Tuesday 24th and Thursday 26th August. These roadworks will be controlled by stop/go boards, so Plumpton Lane will remain open to traffic during this time.

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Upper Bridge Street is shut

Road Closed warning sign

Upper Bridge Street is shut for unplanned water main repairs by South East Water. The road closure notice applies between Friday 20th to Wednesday 25th August. The road is closed between Oxenturn Road and Cherry Garden Lane. There is pedestrian access on the south side of the road only and the road remains closed overnight. Through traffic is being diverted via Church Street. KCC Highways has minor... Read More »

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Scotton Street and Coldharbour Lane to close for three weeks.

Map of planned road closure Scotton Street and Coldharbour Lane, starting 9th August 2021 until 1st September ning signs

Scotton Street and Coldharbour Lane, Wye will close for gas main replacement works. SGN plans to start the works on Monday 9th August 2021, and estimates to complete them by Wednesday 1st September 2021. Due to the nature of the works, SGN will not re-open the road outside the working hours.

Scotton Street and Coldharbour Lane will be closed in sections as work progresses, between Rowan House and Coldharbour... Read More »

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Planned road closures today and tomorrow

Map of the planned road closure of Oxenturn Road Wye, starting 21st June 2021 for three days

KCC Highways has issued a notice to close a section of the A28 today. This is to enable Network Rail to remove a hazardous trackside tree. The closed section is between Branch Road and The Beeches Chilham where the track runs in a cutting adjacent to the A28. The diversion route is via Challock on the A251 and A252. Network Rail estimated that its contractors would need six hours for the tree works... Read More »

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A20 Hythe Road and Bockham Lane - delays likely

Road closure notice for Bockham Lane Friday 18th June 2021

Starting today Monday 14th June KCC Highways has several roadworks planned along a four mile section of the A20 Hythe Road, between Junction A10a and Swan Lane Sellinge. From information provided by, KCC Highways plans to deploy some 12 sets of temporary traffic lights over the next 10 days. During this disruption BT has a licence to close Bockham Lane, for one day only Friday 18th June,... Read More »

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Scotton Street closed until 1st June

Scotton Street Wye closed until 1st June 2021

Scotton Street remains closed until 1st June 2021 to enable UK Power to work on the electricity supply. There are also ongoing minor works in Upper Bridge Street (SGN gas) and Church Street (South East Water). Next week KCC Highways plans to close Wye Road 3rd and 4th June in the vicinity of Robertsdane, near Hastingleigh.

In the event of a power cut, report it online direct to UK Power. However, if... Read More »

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Hassell Street Road Closure

Hassell Street closed while contractors lay a new water main

Hassell Street is closed east of the junction with Waltham Road. The planned closure of this 1/3 mile section of Hassell Street is enabling contractors to lay a new water pipe under the verge. The road closure permit extends until Tuesday 20th April, but this is subject to change. Please view the KCC Highways planned roadworks map for updates. Clearly, the works are in progress and the road is impassable.... Read More »

Posted: Mon, 12 Apr 2021 20:45 by Admin

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