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Naccolt Road will close again from Monday 2nd March 2020 for about nine weeks.

Road closure and diversion signs. Naccolt Road will be closed from Monday 2nd March 2020

Kent County Council Highways has made another Order to temporarily prohibit through traffic on part of Naccolt Road. This latest road closure is necessary for safety reasons to enable South East Water's contractors to install a new water main in the vicinity of Pottery Cottages, and Herons Brook. These works will not deal with the separate problems of surface water flooding and drainage from the former... Read More »

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Burst water main - Naccolt Road is closed

Burst water main - Naccolt Road is closed

Southeast Water has closed Naccolt Road near the former brickworks for emergency repair work on a burst 3" water main. Diversion signs are in place. The road closure notice runs from Wednesday 4th December to the Friday 6th December. This repair is in addition to the closure of Blackwall Lane for surface repairs, and planned gully cleansing maintenance work. KCC has scheduled for the same three days... Read More »

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Brabourne Road Wye to close for three days

Brabourne Road Wye to close for three days

Kent County Council has issued a Temporary Prohibition of Driving Order for Brabourne Road, Wye to 'rebuild gullies and kerbing to improve drainage' in the vicinity of Fishponds Farm. KCC will close the road to through traffic, from Tuesday 30th May for up to three days, between the junctions of The Street, and Hampton Lane.

KCC will sign the alternative route from Pickersdane via The Street, Spelders... Read More »

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