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Open consultations, surveys and petitions

Kent Community Warden Service Review

Kent County Council is facing a financial challenge and is asking the Community Warden to reduce its annual budget by £1 million by 2024-2025. To achieve this level of saving, KCC will need to redesign the service.

Please read the Consultation document and complete the online questionnaire. KCC is keen to hear your views on its proposals and how any changes may affect you.

Consultation closes 3rd October 2023

Defra consultation on Protecting Hedgerows

As we replace the EU's land-based subsidies with our new farming schemes, we also move away from cross compliance regulation. Currently, farmers must not remove hedgerows without prior notice given to local planning authorities, must maintain a buffer strip along their hedgerows, and must not cut or trim hedgerows during bird nesting and rearing season.

We want to ensure the regulations work for wildlife, the environment and for farmers. This consultation is seeking your views on the best way to maintain and improve existing protections, as well as our approach to enforcement.

We are also seeking your views on where we should focus our ambitions for future hedgerow protections.

Online survey

Consultation closes 20th September 2023

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