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The live consultations, surveys and petitions below are listed in date order. Please see click the blue bar above to see recently closed consultations, surveys and petitions.

Kent Design Guide: KCC and partners have refreshed and updated the Kent Design Guide as a website, and they welcome your views. The Kent Design Guide provides guidance on design for the built environment. It is intended as a useful resource for house builders, architects, engineers, town planners, other professionals working in the built environment, and residents. Design guidance is important so that good design standards are met and design leads to sustainably built places and communities in Kent and Medway.

For further details, seeKent Design Guide | Let's talk Kent

The consultation deadline on the Kent Design Guide website is 17th January 2022

Let's talk about Kent Libraries

We know that the library services we provide are hugely valued by local people. The Libraries, Registration and Archives Strategy) helps us to steer the service in the right direction. This is even more important as we continue to recover from lockdown.

Our current strategy runs until the end of 2022, and whether you are a current library user or not, we need your help to develop a new one. Our early conversations with library users, residents and partners will be vital in helping to shape Kent library services for the future.

Engagement closes 28th February 2022

National Transport and Highways Survey 2021/2022: Councils across the UK are asking residents to tell them what they think of transport and highways services in their area, and we're one of those councils. There are six independent surveys in total - feel free to take one or all of them. Apparently, each survey will only take a few minutes of your time. They are asking for your views on: accessibility; highways maintenance; public transport; road safety; tackling congestion; walking and cycling. For further details see - National Highways and Transport Survey 2021/22 | Let's talk Kent.

Ends 28th February 2022

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