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Working for Wye - past, present and future

Parish allotments

Beanfield Allotments, Wye

A bushel box full of fresh vegetables

The Parish Council owns and manages over 100 plots on Churchfield and Beanfield allotments. Ashford Borough Council owns and manages a third allotment site with a further twelve plots. This is only accesssible on foot, via The Twitten.

Wye is fortunate to have over 60% of all the designated rural allotment land in the whole borough. Most parishes have no allotments to offer their residents.

      • Churchfield Allotments are located north of the parish churchyard.
      • Bean Field Allotments are located south of Occupation Road.

The North Downs Way National Trail passes beside both allotment sites. Although both sites are sheltered from the wind, they provide gardeners with panoramic views over the North Downs, and a very good excuse to pause from time to time when digging.

Please complete the form below, to register your interest in renting an allotment plot held by Wye with Hinxhill Parish Council. The Clerk or the Allotment Warden will be in touch.

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For a map of the allotment sites, and more information about the Ashford Borough Council allotment in Wye please follow the link here.

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