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Former ADAS offices, Olantigh Road, Wye TN25 5EL

Demolition of offices and redevelopment with twenty dwellings with associated garages, parking and internal estate roads and open space. 21/01293/AS Start of Consultation: 16th July 2021

Wye College land and buildings Site Wye 3, Olantigh Road, Wye (Occupation Road) Residential Development of 40 dwellings with associated access road, car park and open space. [Re submission of 19/01327/AS] 21/01292/AS Start of Consultation:16 July 2021

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Development affects everyone. The impacts of even the most minor planning decisions can have very real consequences, both positive and negative, for individual lives. The planning system seeks to balance different, and usually competing needs and demands against environmental, social and economic constraints and long-term sustainability. As these issues are so important the Parish Council puts a great deal of thought, time and effort into responding to planning applications. The Parish Council also encourages informal pre-application discussions with prospective developers as this approach saves time and costs, and leads to better outcomes.

'The way we approach development affects everyone. The impacts of our decisions as a society have very real consequences for people's lives. Poor planning of communities, for example, reduces the quality of life for the people who live in them.' (Sustainable Development Commission, independent adviser on sustainable development).

Live Planning Applications 2021

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee for all applications for planning permission, listed building consent and tree works applications within the parish, and may consulted on large applications beyond the parish boundary that could affect Wye residents.

The Parish Council considers and comments on planning applications that affect the parish. However, the power to approve or refuse applications lies with either Ashford Borough Council as the local planning authority or Kent County Council as the county planning authority for matters concerning schools, highways, waste materials and mineral applications.

Decided Planning Applications 2021

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Planning Applications Mapped

A screenshot of live planning applications on a map of Leicester

A screenshot of live planning applications in Leicester and three neighbouring districts. Each red pin marks a live application. Click on the link below to see a live map of this area and the links to hundreds of applications.

This website can display a map all live planning applications across Wye and neighbouring parishes, and the whole of Ashford borough. This service is free and automated. However, Ashford Borough Council will not provide Wye Parish Council with the live data feed.

Glenfield is a busy urban parish on the edge of the Leicester City Council area. It also shares a border with two other districts. Click on the link above and scroll around Glenfield's map to see the service operating in many other districts. This visual map-based system means that the task of keeping track of the planning applications managed by four planning authorities is easy for anyone to access.

Consultation and COVID-19 measures

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