Working for Wye - past, present and future

Wye Village Design Statement

In 2016 Ashford Borough Council adopted the Wye Neighbourhood Development Plan as part of its borough Development Plan. The Wye Neighbourhood Plan incorporated the design principles and guidance within Wye Village Design Statement (VDS) as an appendix. Consequently, although the VDS is no longer adopted as a standalone supplementary planning guidance (SPG) document in its own right, the guidance it contains (pages 19 to 21) now carries much more weight in planning terms as part of the Development Plan than the original VDS did in 2000. The illustrated version of the VDS provides a descriptive context for Wye and it is free to download below.

  • Wye Village Design Statement (PDF, 4.9 Mb)

    The Wye Village Design Statement is now an appendix document within the adopted Wye Neighbourhood Development Plan.

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