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Accessibility is kept under review within an ongoing programme of work to check functionality and improve accessibility across this website. The Government changed the regulations for remote meetings after 7th May 2021. At present live video is exempt from the accessibility regulations. The addition of captions is not required by legislation and the work involved would add a disproportionate cost burden.

If you find a problem or think we're not meeting accessibility requirements, please contact the Parish Clerk via the Contact Us page.

The at-grade crossing at Canterbury West Station. A wheelchair user is being guided over the rails by a station porter. Network Rail has replaced this crossing with a footbridge and lifts.

Image: The former at-grade crossing at Canterbury West Station. A station porter guides a wheelchair user past the live 750 volt third rails. This route provided accessibility by enabling passengers to avoid the subway built in the 1890s. The subway under the tracks replaced a Victorian footbridge that blew down in a gale. Canterbury West is the site of the oldest passenger railway station in the world (The Crab and Winkle Line to Whitstable opened 1830).

Network Rail replaced this potentially dangerous at-grade crossing with a footbridge and lifts in 2010. This investment provided the station with step free access to both platforms, and an interchange via lifts and stairs. However, 'the lifts will be out of order between Platform 2 and the station overbridge until further notice.'

Network Rail announcement April 2021.

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