Working for Wye - past, present and future

Wye Centre

Wye Centre - Building for the Future is the new and vigorous campaign to redesign and enhance the two village halls in Bridge Street, Wye.

The aim of this project is to increase capacity, create more flexible spaces and enable the building to serve the community more effectively. David Reece is the project leader, acting on behalf of the Wye Village Hall and Recreation Ground Charity. As such, the Wye Centre projects differs in origin from all the other Our Place Wye projects, but it shares common aims and aspirations.

The project addresses the clear need in Wye for additional space for community use. The re-designed building will have the potential to accommodate many new activities, including the Our Place Wye community cafe and community hub (IT) projects.

Last updated: Sat, 04 Jul 2015 21:24