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Wye Community Warden

Wye Community Warden seeing Community Lunch diners safely on board the Woodchurch Wagon minibus

The crime rate in Wye is low, but prevention is always better than cure. Wye is very fortunate to have Richard Sinden as its Community Warden as Richard is one of the most experienced wardens in Kent. Added to which he has built up a wealth of local knowledge and contacts over the past ten years. Wye has had the benefit of a Community Warden on the street since 2004.

Richard moved from covering Charing to Wye in 2010, and he followed Nick Thistle and Liz Lovatt in the post. The job has evolved since 2004 into a more responsive role. Now a key part of his job is to take an active role in the organisation of social care and support initiatives e.g. the weekly Community Lunch for isolated and elderly residents, and the twice-weekly Winter Warm Space events.

  • Advice: Crime prevention - theft from motor vehicles (PDF, 68 Kb)

    Advice Note: Crime prevention - theft from motor vehicles (TFMV) Crime prevention advice from Richard Sinden, Wye Community Warden. "By far the most common crime in the Ashford Borough is theft from a motor vehicle. Here are some tips to help you avoid becoming a victim of this crime."

The role of the Community Warden in Wye is varied and changing. Richard Sinden is now focussed on helping the social, welfare and wellbeing needs of individual residents, and building community resilience. He works proactively and makes connections on behalf of residents in need with specialists and outside agencies. In summary, Richard helps the community of Wye by:

  • tackling low-level crime and antisocial behaviour (graffiti, littering, fly tipping and vandalism)
  • resolving minor disputes and preventing them from escalating
  • controlling traffic and dealing with parking obstructions
  • taking the name and address of any individual seen acting suspiciously
  • working closely with Kent Police and other professional authorities, including Ashford Borough Council Housing Department, Social Services and Kent Fire and Rescue
  • knowing and talking to local people, and offering them information and advice
  • taking part in local community activities
  • liaising closely with the Parish Council, and providing a monthly incident report
  • being a familiar face and trusted contact point for residents
  • providing a reassuring uniformed presence about the village
  • encouraging the community to work together

Richard Sinden is fully trained to the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme and also trained to give First Aid. His hours change from week to week, but Richard is out and about between the hours of 07.30 and 22.00 every day.

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Richard Sinden covers the parishes of Wye, Chilham and Godmersham as part of the Ashford, Folkestone and Hythe team of community wardens employed by Kent County Council.

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