Working for Wye - past, present and future

Wye Flyer - who benefits?

The Parish Council envisages that the Wye Flyer will benefit four main user groups:

  • 1. Children on educational trips led by Wye Primary and Brook Primary
  • 2. Shoppers - social trips
  • 3. Non-drivers - of all ages
  • 4. Members of clubs and societies - of all ages

The Wye Flyer set out to fill the growing gap between the scheduled commercial bus services that serve Wye, and the specialist public transport services e.g. Compaid and the Kent Karrier schemes funded by Kent County Council (KCC). However KCC proposes to stop funding the Kent Karrier service.

Until 2022 the Kent Karrier provided a door-to-door dial-a-ride service between Wye and Ashford, but KCC restricted membership eligibility to people who are either aged over 85, or who have a medical condition that makes travelling on public transport difficult, or who live in a rural area more than 500m from a bus route or railway station.

Last updated: Sat, 30 Apr 2022 11:57