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Wye Housing Need Survey

The lack of affordable housing is a critical issue in Wye. In February 2022 the Parish Council invited every household in the parish to take part in a local housing needs survey. The survey aims to establish the current level of local need for affordable housing (both rented and shared ownership). The survey covers all ages, and will also establish the number of older households who wish to downsize or move to more suitable housing for their needs and includes older households who are currently owner occupiers.

The 2022 survey will establish the total level of need in 2022 and provide evidence to inform the review of the Wye Neighbourhood Plan. The previous survey of Wye in 2018 predated the pandemic and is out of date. The 2022 survey will be a material consideration if Ashford Borough Council considers a planning application for a 'rural exception site'.

The specialist housing enabler for Action for Communities in Rural Kent is analysing the survey responses and confirming household eligibility. The Parish Council aims to publish the public report in mid 2022

For further information about local housing need in Wye please see the 2018 published survey in the Planning section. For a comprehensive guide to the issues please see A guide to developing affordable homes in rural communities 2021, published by the Kent Housing Group.

Last updated: Wed, 11 May 2022 22:23