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Wye Neighbourhood Plan Review

The Wye Neighbourhood Development Plan 2015-2030 provides the adopted planning policy for Wye. However Ashford Borough Council adopted it in October 2016 and since then the Ashford Local Plan has replaced the Core Strategy, and numerous policies have changed in the National Planning Policy Framework and Guidance. In 2021 the Government published a new draft National Model Design Code. Therefore the Wye Neighbourhood Plan needs to be updated to accord with these current policies and in particular with the forthcoming Planning Act. The draft document will emerge from public engagement events and consultations.

The Planning Bill was introduced in the Queen's Speech on May 11. The main elements of the Bill are:

  • Changing local plans so that they provide more certainty over the type, scale and design of development permitted on different categories of land.
  • Significantly decreasing the time it takes for developments to go through the planning system.
  • Replacing the existing systems for funding affordable housing and infrastructure from development with a new more predictable and more transparent levy.
  • Reforming the framework for locally led development corporations to ensure local areas have access to appropriate delivery vehicles to support growth and regeneration.

However, the Planning Bill proved highly controversial. In particular, its proposals for zoning, and the loss of local democratic control. Since July 2021 the Government has indicated that these proposals are now under major review.

Therefore the Wye Neighbourhood Plan Review is paused, pending clarification from Government.

Last updated: Fri, 08 Oct 2021 22:17